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Removal Day

Moving furniture is heavy work requiring continuous mental and physical effort so the odd tea break goes down well and gives the crew a chance to meet you.

Access to the Premises

Before your removal can commence, the van must be placed as near as possible to the building. If you live in a narrow, restricted or busy street please contact the local Police or the local council. You will usually find them very helpful. It may also be useful to have a chat with your neighbours and advise them about your removal. If your house is at the end of a long drive with overhanging branches; consider a bit of pruning. Removal vans are tall; up to 13FT 6IN high and expensive to replace. Think about the access at the other end, note: if we have quoted for delivery to an address with good access and the van cannot get close to the property we have the right to make an additional charge.

The Removal Crew

Our crews are friendly and helpful men who are trained porters with considerable experience. They will be delighted to hear good advice but you will not need to stand over them to ensure they are careful. They will not mind if you want to help out with the smaller things, but please remember that they are ultimately responsible for the safe delivery of your possessions. Moving furniture is heavy work requiring continuous mental and physical effort so the odd tea break goes down well and gives the crew a chance to meet you.

Loading the Van

The normal order of loading is usually your household items first, leaving the fridge/freezer and then garden/garage items till last. Be aware though that every property is different and the order of loading may differ. Delivery will be in reverse order.

Before Leaving Make Sure Everything Has Been Loaded

Check fitted wardrobes, lofts, airing cupboards, garages and sheds. It is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that everything is taken. If your property is being left unoccupied, turn off water, gas and electricity at the mains. In winter drain the water tanks if the property is likely to be empty for a while. Lock up securely.

Overnight Delivery

Advise our foreman roughly as to what time you will be at the new property. An overnight contact number as well as directions or a rough map of how to find the property are useful.

Delivering Your Goods

It is important that someone is on hand when the van arrives so that the crew can be told where to put each item as it is unloaded. Additionally we will need someone to sign our notes to confirm delivery. Your furniture will be placed where you want it providing it is reasonably possible to do this. Note that we may not be able to get the piano up the attic stairway. We must have prior notice if a piano has to be taken up or down a flight of stairs so that sufficient men are asked to do the job. Labelling boxes saves time. It can be a good idea to have a set room for boxes which will not be unpacked straight away to avoid clutter in the main rooms. Whilst our men will lift or roll any carpets you are taking, we cannot cut or fit them. Protection can be provided for carpets already fitted, especially on rainy days or where building site mud is a problem. Safety dictates that this cannot be done on stair carpets. Any furniture dismantled by us will be re-erected. On completion the remaining blankets will be folded and the back of the van swept out. Whilst our crew are doing this; check that everything is where you want it and that the van is empty.


Unpacking of boxes is not normally included unless otherwise specified on your quotation. There is a hire charge on the cartons used during your removal.

Paying the Bill

The cost of your removal is to be paid upon booking (just like booking a holiday). We do accept personal cheques but they WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED unless received more than 7 DAYS IN ADVANCE OF THE MOVE. A receipt will be provided on the day of the move, you will be required to sign this copy to acknowledge receipt of the goods and to agree that the bill has been correctly calculated. The foreman will then also sign the receipt on the top copy and give it to you. Where goods have been collected for storage you will be asked to sign each of the three part pages of the inventory and the forman will give you a set. INSURANCE – Automatic all risks insurance cover, to the maximum stated upon your quotation, is provided for the goods whilst they are being moved or stored. The cover is indemnity type, that is settlements take into account the age and condition of items. You may find for the cost of a telephone call to your own brokers/insurers they can extend your own contents cover to act as a top up to ours. Some insurers actually insure their customers for removals as part of their standard home contents cover.

Notification of Claim

If you discover that something was lost or damaged during your move, write to us at once. We must receive your letter within 7 working days of the delivery date. Claims made outside this period are invalid. If the items are lost we may well ask for a delay of several weeks before a formal claim is made to the insurance company, this is to make sure that they are lost and not temporally misplaced. Despite the above occurrence of lost or damaged goods are very infrequent and usually involve small items that were owner packed. So please be careful if you do your own packing.

Booking Your Removal

Before booking read your quotation and service specification carefully to satisfy yourself that the services that you want are included. Always telephone first to confirm that the date is available before sending any money.

Firm Bookings

If you have a definite date please fill in your acceptance form and forward this together with your payment. Your quotation will advise you of the exact amount. If your move is being paid for by a third party, an official order or letter from the organisation will be required. Until this is received, your booking will be treated as provisional. Note company letters must not be signed by a beneficiary and MUST CLEARY COMMIT THE COMPANY TO PAY ALL CHARGES INCLUDING BOX DEPOSITS & POSTPONEMENT CHARGES.

Provisional Bookings

If you have a likely date but are not committed to it, your booking can be pencilled in the diary (except for Fridays). It must be possible to contact you. You may find that your provisional booking has been lost to someone who is making a firm order. Cartons can be delivered if you are provisionally booked however we will require a deposit on the cartons in case you re-book a date we cannot meet.

Busy Periods

Fridays are traditionally busy days and if you can avoid moving on a Friday it is helpful to all involved, note that work can be conducted on weekends at an extra charge. The end of the month is again a busy period, as are school holidays and the period immediately before Christmas. If you cannot avoid moving at one of these peak times, please make sure that you give us plenty of notice. Weekends and Bank Holidays attract a further surcharge.